Shkodra City offers various attractions that you can visit during your stay at Okla Festival.

Some of the attractions are also reachable by foot.

1 - Rozafa Castle

The Rozafa Castle in Shkoder is one of the most important sights in Albania. It is a witness of the Illyrian times in antiquity, and it endured the Roman and Ottoman invasions. Therefore, a visit to the Rozafa fortress is essential to understand not only Shkodra's, but the whole country's history. (20min walk from the venue)

2 - Explore Drini River with canoe

Drini river is the longest in Albania and in its last part is an amazing wild nature habitat, perfect for traveling birds.With the transparent kayaks and the tube tires the explorers will feel tuned in with nature in a unique way (2h trip 1.400 ALL x person)

3-Shurdhah Island

One of the most fascinating historical and naturally spectacular destinations, is Sarda, or present-day, Shurdhah Island. (3h trip 1.500 ALL x Person including transport by car and trip with boat)

4 - Museums

 If we were to give a full account of Albania’s history, culture, folk traditions, and art, Shkodra would most definitely lead the discussion. The 2500-year-old city holds traces of each historic period of the country! Otherwise known as the capital of northern Albania, Shkodra beautifully preserves the country’s heritage in its countless museums. (easily reachable by bus , the bus station is located close by the venue )

5 - Boat trip Shkodra lake

Explore the largest lake in the Balkans (2h Trip 1.500 ALL x person)

6-Lead Mosque

The Lead Mosque has an Ottoman architecture, unlike most other mosques in Albania which follow an Arab architecture. It closely mirrors the classical Ottoman architecture of Istanbul, Turkey, which was pioneered by architect Mimar Sinan of the 16th century. (15 min walking from the venue)

7-Mesi Bridge

 is a bridge in the village of Mes, about five kilometers northeast of Shkodër. It was built in the 18th century, around 1770s, by Kara Mahmud Bushati, the local Ottoman Pasha (25min driving)

8-Hiking in Taraboshi Mountain

 (3h hiking from the venue)

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